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update 2 Sept 2021

From September 8th, virtual Pilates classes!…. Pilates is a relaxing workout, developed to  strengthen the core muscles. In Wageningen you will soon be able to participate in a 30-minute Pilates class every day at 11:00. In Nijmegen (in room 3) a 12-minute Pilates lesson every “even” hour (8:00 / 10:00 / 12:00, etc.).   Have fun!


updated June 18th, 2021

From Saturday 26 June there are less corona rules!….. What we still have to deal with, is the 1,5 meters distance. We ask you, as athletes, to pay attention to this. The use of the Avalon hygiene set is no longer mandatory, but you can certainly still use it. Washing hands regularly is important anyway.

Reservations for fitness are no longer necessary from the 26th!

Reservations for fitness-coaching:

Due to the 1,5 mtr rule, we cannot give spinning lessons to a large group of people and we will therefore keep working with reservations in Nijmegen (for the time being). The agenda for this can be found on the webpage of the Nijmegen location. (This is not necessary in Wageningen).

We will also start again with general fitness guidance. This is mainly intended to help new members getting started in the gym. Make your reservation on the webpage of your traininglocation.

Nijmegen location 

Wageningen location


update June 5th, 2021

From Saturday 5 June it is allowed again to use the changing rooms, showers and the coffee corner in the gym. Yet it is still safer to change yourself (if possible) at home for the time being.

We will keep the reservation for fitness for a while. Go to the page of your gym to do this.

The spinning classes will start again from Thursday 1 July. Reservations in Wageningen for spinning will not be required. Check the Wageningen page for more info.

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